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Saturday: London Village Festival 2013!

9479781865_e661294f03_oSaturday took us through a variety of musical sounds, from Kat Nash in the Big Tent, to DEVO on the Pyramid Stage, followed by a wide range of Bowie’s giant catalogue of tunes to finish on AC/DC! A brilliant day, thank you to all who came!

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London Village En Garde! We have a winner!



Dokter Ooh has finished first in the London Village En Garde! Tournament! Congratulations on the win!

1st: Dokter Ooh
2nd: Vivian Lacrima
3rd: Giannaisabel Werefox

His trophy was presented to him outside the London Village Tower of London. He will recieve a unique golden London Village epee of his choosing! To follow the London Village En Garde Tournaments, follow our website here. If you wish to take part contact Chris123 Irelund in world! For more on SL En Garde! Visit their website!


Visit our Tower of London (White Tower) – download Second Life, click this link!

London Village rebranded for 2013!

SUMMER 2012 NEW LONDON 8895476755_2cf2f22da5_c 8942569346_5aaeb9b6cc_o 8896261790_d62b963c3b_c 8942510104_d4eb952c47_cSim has pretty much got its new look, and a new logo, courtesy of the sim designer, Kat Kassner! Pop by!

Easter comes to London Village!


Easter comes to London Village with an Easter Friday and Saturday Music Mayhem! DJ Kat (with Paige Snowpaw below) took on the Friday night along with the Second Life Cheerleading Squad! Saturday had DJ Garf take over with appearances from Paige and SLCS again! Lot’s of great photos taken – here is the link!

London Village Group Photo Collection!





Scorched Shrub ft. The Peoples Republic of London Village!


Another of Kat Kassner’s delicious videos, this time starring London Village as a whole, along with its resident band, Scorched Shrub. Enjoy this fun music vid courtesy of Kat (with maybe a little inspiration from the Killers!)


Winter comes to London Village!

Includes a brand new train ride!

Hallowe’en Party in London Village!

The pictures speak for themselves! 1pmSLT, DJ Kat Kassner played the two hours!

What’s up (and down) at the BT Tower?

The London Village homage to the London Post Office Tower, later rebranded the BT Tower when the telecommunications of London were privatised has a few cool and new features in its Second Life home.

First off, it’s got a new shop in the superstore area. The basement area is now the HA Superstore. It joins the NLS superstore and Novatech outlet in the building’s lower section.

Take the lift from any of the stores up the tower and you’ll get our small cafe area, furnished with the HA! Crooked range, a sneaky NLS T60 landing spot (search the database rezzers for BT Cafe) and a drinks machine. Plus a rather spiffy view.

And if you get bored, well, you can always head to the top and fire yourself out of the tower’s rather uncanon cannon!

To enjoy the BT Tower in world, click this link to be sent there (you’ll need a Second Life account you can get for free at


Coming this month!

London Village across the net!


A neat shot of the London Village exhibition at the Flying Tigers event!


Plus Daniel Voyager’s exploration of the Olympics in Second Life turns up London Village!