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Guy Fawkes Night in London Village!

Guy Fawkes night went with, guess what? A bang! DJ Faux Fawkes Lowtide played, fireworks boomed while our resident Guy Fawkes once again sat upon the might bonfire!

Event planner Kat Kassner dances as Guy Fawkes burns!

A fun night of fireworks and mayhem!


Guy Fawkes Exhibition 2012 Video

Have a virtual look around the exhibition then come enjoy it for yourself! Running until November 11th in London Village! SURL below!

Thank you Guy!

A quick thank you to Guy for being burned, a thank you to the staff who helped out with the exhibition, and a thank you to the vistiors who made the Guy Fawkes event, that ran through the bank end of October and to Guy Fawkes night on the 5th of November, a success. We had the popular exhibition (above) which was put together by Kat and starred a host of New London regulars, a Guy Fawkes quiz night and a big bang part to end.

See you next year – Guy will be back!


Guy Fawkes Bonfire Event!

A great night on the edge of the Thames as we celebrate Guy Fawkes night and the end of the New London Guy Fawkes exhibition. Thanks to all who attended. Theme for the night was Best in Historical Villain – winner got two nls T50 consoles. Fireworks, music, DJ Kat, dancing – a fight against the lag that was hitting all main channel sims (honestly SL, when is this going to stop?) and a burning guy called Guy – what more could you want!

And as Lowtide discovered, you don’t make jokes about Mrs Christmas being Santa’s other beard..

Guy Fawkes comes to New London!

New London’s Guy Fawkes exhibition opened this past Saturday, as advertised on Second Life’s Showcase Locations. This has been a successful event that will continue to run till November 5th, Bonfire Night itself.

There are Guy Fawkes Freebies at the Tower of London plus an exhibition that we hope is education as it is fun, with a few relevant ghoulish props and a SL inacted gallery of the gruesome history of Guy Fawkes and the London Gun Power plot.

And to finish Saturday we had DJ Holocluck in our newly opened Travellers Rest nightclub! A fun night of eclectic music!  Thanks to all who came!

The Guy Fawkes Exhibition photoshoot

Seasonal excitement grew yesterday, as a photo shoot was held  for the Guy Fawkes Exhibition that opens at the Tower of London in New London Village on Saturday 22nd.

Guy and co-conspirators ahead of the Guy Fawkes Exhibition photo shoot.

Guy Fawkes was joined by Static Frenzy, Wellzy Horngold, Garf Serpente, TheDoctor Mayo, Holocluck Henly and master photographer Laredo Lowtide for the shoot, which took about an hour to complete.

You will be able to see the results of their endeavours for yourself, when The Guy Fawkes Exhibition swings open its doors!

New London: October!

We have a busy month in New London as the Winter season arrives!

  1. First off, we’ve had some changes to the sim, just minor ones, but if you look around you’ll find minor alterations – one big alteration however is Tower Bridge that has been expanded and lit to mimic the real one more closely!
  2. Second, we have TARDIS Expo the weekend of 15th and 16th – we will have TARDIS exteriors from a range of Second Life creators on display with a backdrop of DJs, live music and DJing! Expect DJ Garf on Saturday night with live music from Eddie Santillo on the Sunday!
  3. Halloween approaches – look out for seasonal gore and horror throughout the sim – a few Halloween based time ships too. Some free Halloween gestures are available just outside the Tower of London! We will have a Halloween event closer the date!
  4. Guy Fawkes! He’s already lurking around the sim with plots – look out for him and our Bonfire event that will remember, remember the 5th of November on, well, the 5th of November – so remember remember!
  5. Finally, some upgrades to New London’s T50 system – look out for some rezzer upgrades to improve your landings in New London!

Guy Fawkes returns to New London!


Guy Fawkes is coming back to New London starting on the 22nd October leading on to that fateful day.. November 5th. Last year the exhibition and firework night was a hit – we aim to make it bigger and better for 2011! Guy is already wandering around the sim – can you spot him.. before its too late?

All begins.. and ends at the New London Tower of London!

Coming soon!