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Easter comes to London Village!


Easter comes to London Village with an Easter Friday and Saturday Music Mayhem! DJ Kat (with Paige Snowpaw below) took on the Friday night along with the Second Life Cheerleading Squad! Saturday had DJ Garf take over with appearances from Paige and SLCS again! Lot’s of great photos taken – here is the link!

London Village Group Photo Collection!






London Village Megaparty!

Saturday was our Xmas Megaparty – our annual event of Xmas fun before Xmas day, filled with music and prizes – with prizes from NLS and Albion Clothing Company, and music from DJ Holocluck, DJ Hoi and DJ Kat! Thanks to all that came to our fabled ice rink to celebrate music and Christmas in London Village, rather than watch Terminator 2 on Dave or whatever it was on!

Dancing at the new pub!

It’s the return of the Travellers Rest with a new extended and revamped dancefloor and DJ area! Prize tonight was the HA Crooked Combo Pack! You can see some of the Crooked range from HA! here:

Come as you are! Who won? I really don’t know yet!

EDIT: Matty Southmoor! Congrats!

Weekend Jamboree In Vision!

Monday: Queen at Queen Jubilee Jamboree!

Monday brought a different vibe to New London’s Jubilee Jamboree – we started off with an impromptu DJ Kat session to cover a missing blue haired DJ, followed by DJ Hoi who for his Best in Formal competition was giving away a Tempest Inc Creations Roman Bath rezzable low prim scene (Tempest Inc have a store in the New London Shard – worth checking out).

Finally, a rendition of Queen songs were played on stage with supporting visuals from “Queen” itself. A tribute to both the band and the lady behind the Jubilee!

Thanks to all who popped by this weekend! To our DJs – DJ Kat, DJ Hoi, DJ Nonamei, DJ Holocluck, DJ Rox and DJ Kimber. To our sponsors – NLS, Novatech and Tempest Inc Creations – and to the staff and supporters who made this all possible!

We have more big events next weekend with a day celebrating… football!

Some images below of the night!

Sunday Jubilee Jamboree!

Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen in New London with a host of DJs this Sunday – we’ve just had DJ Kat, running an 80s mix, a costume competition of Best in Royalty with an NLS (find their store in the New London BT Tower) Eccleston T60 as a prize. We’ve now got DJ Nonamei Scribe running a Best in Crazy Colourful competition with a Tempest Inc Creations addon room “Untempered Schism” (thanks to Tempest Inc for the support, find their store in New London’s Shard!) and finishing up, we’ve got DJ Kimber back to New London with a Best in Fancy Dress and for that we have a Novatech Horizon add-on “Mad Tea Party” as a prize thanks to Novatech’s (find Novatech’s store in the New London Tate building!) generous owner Cheshyr Pontchartrain!

Some images below of the night!


DJ Nonamei Scribe

DJ Kimber

DJ Kat’s Saints and Sinners Night!

Saints and Sinners at the New London City Hall hosted by DJ Kat Kassner! With a 750L starting prize, an NLS RubixsCube Exterior and a HA! Swimming Pool designed by Kat herself, it was a prize ridden night complimented by a host of greatly dressed dancers and heavenly, devily tunes from the 80s (and maybe a couple from other decades!). Thank you for all the people who came to DJ Kat’s night – you make the sim what it is: fun! LL

(New) London City Hall opens with a musical bang!

New London opened its latest building today – another London homage, this time to the London City Hall building – an unusual construction to say the least that sits on the edge of the river Thames at the very heart of London! In New London it is parked not too far away from the river, next to Portcullis House! The building was constructed by Kat Kassner with textures by Laredo Lowtide.

For New London the building isn’t bureaucratic, its disco, erm, cratic! This is our latest club, a more smooth and up-class spot to the more grungy haunt across the river at the Travellers Rest pub!

For this night, DJ Kat opened with a theme of Best in British – a prize amounted to staggering 4000L thanks to donations from staff. A great opening as the sim closes the Maldovarium as its Saturday venue! No fears, the space bar Maldovarium will stay… but it will have a new purpose! Stay tuned and enjoy the pictures!

With the Millennium Wheel have made Editors Pick last week and with the opening of this amazing new nightclub, we hope the ever evolving New London will continue to be enjoyed by patrons throughout 2012!

And then to top it – into the SL Grid Top 40 at number 6 with….

… the English National Anthem! Go New London!

Dickens Night in New London!

Saturday was Dickens Night in New London. The majority who came to take part dressed up in Victorian or Dickensian gear (see below) to listen to a 2 hour audio adaption of “A Christmas Carol” in the New London Dickens Christmas Carol Experience – our Dickens world inside our very own New London Tower of London.

Afterwards it was a Dickens party – the theme of Best in Dickens was key and DJ Kat provided music and entertainment. This was set outside the Tower of London. And the winner of the Best in Dickens fancy dress competition was Gristle McNerd for his “Marley face in a Door”! here he stands next to the prize, a T50 Scrooge Box (plus 1000L in his pocket!).

Thank you to all who took part! It was a spellbinding evening!