Scorched Shrub ft. The Peoples Republic of London Village!


Another of Kat Kassner’s delicious videos, this time starring London Village as a whole, along with its resident band, Scorched Shrub. Enjoy this fun music vid courtesy of Kat (with maybe a little inspiration from the Killers!)



2013 in London Village!


2013 has come to London Village! 2012 had a great busy year, with sim changes, a different range of events and themes and a lot of new faces. The last two hours of 2012 was played out by DJ Kat Kassner!



DJ Kat played a host of tunes, including a rundown of her top ten played songs of the year. The year came in and the people stayed. We look forward to 2013 with a sim we’re very happy in look, it’ll be a matter of finding fun, different and exciting events, games and projects to keep people entertained in Second Life – not forgetting the 50th anniversary of one of the UK’s greatest shows (and a big part of the sim), Doctor Who!


So now the Xmas decorations come down and our prims go up! Hurrah!

London Village Megaparty!

Saturday was our Xmas Megaparty – our annual event of Xmas fun before Xmas day, filled with music and prizes – with prizes from NLS and Albion Clothing Company, and music from DJ Holocluck, DJ Hoi and DJ Kat! Thanks to all that came to our fabled ice rink to celebrate music and Christmas in London Village, rather than watch Terminator 2 on Dave or whatever it was on!

Winterfest on Ice 2012



Get your skates on! Skating outside Big Ben on our annual “Winterfest on Ice”! Impromptu set by DJ Kat! A theme was offered of “Dress to Impress” with a T60 prize. DJ Hoi took over to take the skating into the late night!


Father Christmas Experience comes to London Village!



Come on down! DJ Kat playing, Best in Winter is the theme, 1000L up for grabs!




Winter comes to London Village!

Includes a brand new train ride!

DJ Kat and Back to the 80s!

DJ Kat played Big Ben to Best in 80s Movies night – many dressed up, recognise any of the costumes?

Guy Fawkes Night in London Village!

Guy Fawkes night went with, guess what? A bang! DJ Faux Fawkes Lowtide played, fireworks boomed while our resident Guy Fawkes once again sat upon the might bonfire!

Event planner Kat Kassner dances as Guy Fawkes burns!

A fun night of fireworks and mayhem!

Hallowe’en Party in London Village!

The pictures speak for themselves! 1pmSLT, DJ Kat Kassner played the two hours!

Hallowe’en in London Village video!

On top of Guy Fawkes this month, we have a Hallowe’en vibe which will culminate with our Hallowe’en party on Saturday 27th October! For a little visual teaser of the sim’s ghoulish dress, here’s a video by Kat Kassner to give you a taster!