London Village Friends


The Doctor Who Zone – Blog that focuses on the Doctor Who aspect of the sim. All things Doctor Who in the sim are here, plus reviews and information about Doctor Who in “real life”!

GallifreyMatrix – Amongst other things, Bad Wolf/New London Systems TARDIS system for Second Life. Created by Bad Wolf company owner, Jon Melendez. Jon’s always there to offer New London a helping hand and that kindness is appreciated! – Online Doctor Who Magazine associated with New London Village. Great resource for Real Life Doctor Who. A friendly, honest and intelligent Doctor Who mag.

JaneyBraken@CNN – Friend of New London Village and Second Life journalist! Janey is a wonderful supporter of New London.  A gifted journalist and a friend to the staff. She’s always been very supportive of Laredo and Kat – we wish to offer that support in return.

CNN iReport – News from Second Life – from all walks of Second Life! Another great Second Life resource.

Virtually London – Online blog of all things London in Second Life. A great current resource to all things London on the grid from a group of reporters!

Second Life Fans Against Intolerance – A blog devoted to victims of bullying in Second Life, which there is a fair bit, and standing together against unwanted attacks, public or private.







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