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London Village Reborn!

I lovely little sim tribute/review from Janey Bracken at the Virtually London (Lite) blog! It’s quite an interesting post, as Janey published the review a couple of weeks back, and from what we can guess, it must have been the last day or so before the sim was torn up, making this quite a fitting tribute to the Sim-That-Was!

London Village 2Janey’s photo of London-Village-That-Was

The reasons for the change were creative to some degree, or perhaps the opposite, finding a new way forward was becoming frustrating and eating up too much time our of our first and second lives. On top of that there were other stresses, keeping the sim afloat financially has been for the past few years done by the very community who enjoy it, through purchases from our NLS store, but keeping those purchases going, 365 days a year, to meet the just under 3000L a day tier, was burning the shop runners out too. It’s a lot of work. Considerations to revamp, downsize, or simply retire were consider. A rush to sort the situation created more creative cul-de-sacs and so, for a time, the sim was laid horridly bare, several designs had been planned and failed, even a move had been considered.


London Village laid waste


Making the most of what’s left of London Village

But the beautiful thing about an established community is it doesn’t bolt. And through thick and thin, despite for a week there being just one building on an island, people came. Boats, were moored, people enjoyed the sim. They kept going, and so did we, finding ways to improve the geography, take some of the heat off the shop owners, and basically find new life and creativity to our theme. So now we are in the final stages of finishing of London Village’s latest facelift. NLS has a bigger store, the ground level is new and improved and everyone on staff feels a little fresher than before! Do pop by!


Laredo’s photo of London-Village-That-Is

And don’t forget to check Janey’s blog!