Monthly Archives: October 2012

Hallowe’en Party in London Village!

The pictures speak for themselves! 1pmSLT, DJ Kat Kassner played the two hours!


Hallowe’en in London Village video!

On top of Guy Fawkes this month, we have a Hallowe’en vibe which will culminate with our Hallowe’en party on Saturday 27th October! For a little visual teaser of the sim’s ghoulish dress, here’s a video by Kat Kassner to give you a taster!

Guy Fawkes Exhibition 2012 Video

Have a virtual look around the exhibition then come enjoy it for yourself! Running until November 11th in London Village! SURL below!

SLTV streams London Village and Guy Fawkes Exhibition!

SLTV popped into London Village today to look at the Guy Fawkes Exhibition running as an SL Featured Event right now, and streamed live content of their wanderings about the sim. Some caps below, but if you want to see the whole thing, it’s recorded here for your pleasure!

What’s up (and down) at the BT Tower?

The London Village homage to the London Post Office Tower, later rebranded the BT Tower when the telecommunications of London were privatised has a few cool and new features in its Second Life home.

First off, it’s got a new shop in the superstore area. The basement area is now the HA Superstore. It joins the NLS superstore and Novatech outlet in the building’s lower section.

Take the lift from any of the stores up the tower and you’ll get our small cafe area, furnished with the HA! Crooked range, a sneaky NLS T60 landing spot (search the database rezzers for BT Cafe) and a drinks machine. Plus a rather spiffy view.

And if you get bored, well, you can always head to the top and fire yourself out of the tower’s rather uncanon cannon!

To enjoy the BT Tower in world, click this link to be sent there (you’ll need a Second Life account you can get for free at


Coming this month!