Monthly Archives: September 2012

Dancing at the new pub!

It’s the return of the Travellers Rest with a new extended and revamped dancefloor and DJ area! Prize tonight was the HA Crooked Combo Pack! You can see some of the Crooked range from HA! here:

Come as you are! Who won? I really don’t know yet!

EDIT: Matty Southmoor! Congrats!


Change, and not a moment too soon!

2009 – inside the Dark Citadel!


2012 – inside the BT Tower, a little higher but co-incidentally pretty much the same spot! Though out of shot, curiously we have a boat in pretty much the same spot in sim now (well two now) – the original was owned by a renter before the sim took the land back and made it public ground (thanks to NLS buyers!). Time repeats itself. It has all happened before, it will all happen again. Or is that another show?

Exit Citadel – enter The Dark Tower!

This week we saw an end of an era. Our majestic Citadel in the sky came crumbling down to make way for a new build! It had a few updates during its time, it was host to the Timelords Club for a good period, and the regular Saturday haunt for DJ Sinji Itokawa.

But time is a fickle thing.

Time to move on.

Up from the ashes comes a new building!

The Dark Tower is an inspired fan homage to the Tower of Rassilon. You can enter it from 3 different levels, searching for the Tomb of Rassilon. Some surprises along the way and maybe some gifts if you look hard! It’s a fantastic maze of a tower by sim builder Bear Thymus! I recommend you all go and have a look!