Final day of the London Village Festival!

Music from Kasabian gave as a post lunch reason to enjoy socialising and dancing!

Music from Duran Duran, came next with a great support and banter to boot!

DJ Garf and his Manchester Invasion took to the Tower of London Stage with his unique commentary and Northern tastes to amuse and force strict Northern dancing!

And the evening – and festival ended with music from The Cure!

A thank you to Geoffrey Xenobuilder for organising the Festival Fishing event today. A big thank you to the London Village staff who monitored and looked over the visitors. Thank you to all the performers and DJs – especially the support cast for the bands who took up roles to make the acts feel more of an event. Thank you to all the support from friends of the sim and Linden Labs for the putting us as Editors Picks. Thank you for the wonderful performances of the SLCS throughout the weekend. Thanks to all those who visited and enjoyed these events. If you didn’t come and engage in the festivities, what would be the point of doing a festival. Finally – thank you for all the donations that have been offered this weekend – all donations go directly to keeping London Village alive, every linden donated will go towards tier, giving us a place to enjoy community events such as this!

Thank you!

Kat and Lowtide!



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