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New London featured at The Torch!

The newbie friendly SL Guide, The Torch has featured New London as a place to go see (which I assume you have done if you’re reading this blog, though no reason not to pop over again, is there?)

Have a read of the article by going here! And keep watching New London as we come close to the end of our latest rebuild!



New London at the 16 Day Flying Tigers Sporting Event!


Second Life’s Flying Tigers website,, has just done a post on the New London exhibit at their latest event that runs for the next 16 days! Here’s the official blurb on the event!

“Join us on Friday, July 27, 2012 as we kick off our 16 day Sports Festival, in honor of the Olympic Games in real life. Our Sports Festival features 16 days of music, events, shopping, and sports! Check out our complete schedule and be sure to shop at our merchant’s and exhibitors’ fair, which features some of the best merchants and exhibitors in Second Life! Tomorrow’s celebration will kick off at 12pm slt with DJ Anakin spinning your favorite rock tunes on our Greek stage, as we also pay homage to the origins of the games! Take a sneak peak at our festival areas:”

New London has provided Big Ben, our London Eye and the Wimbledon courts to add a London flair to the event. We have some freebies, info and our NLS store on site! Pop on down!

Olympics begin in London, New London celebrates!

As the Olympics Opening Event ran in London, New London carried its own little dance party with Best in Olympian as the theme while dancers watched the television live performances and enjoyed banter and commentary on the ceremonies in “Real Life”.

We have some Olympic inspired freebies on site too! Pop by to catch them!