Monthly Archives: May 2012

Mongo returns!

Having spotted a Kong wandering New London, Mayor Mayo’s favourite pet, Mongo had to go out and just show who was the chimp and who was the Mongo.

I think any consideration of a brawl on Tower Bridge was pretty much quashed when Kong realised just quite how quickly the oversized Mongo could crush him…

Ah crap, he’s spotted us.

Here he comes.

Always wise to vote Mayo as Mayor, as Mayo has Mongo whether he’s Mayor Mayo or Mayo Mayo. Say that three times fast with a fist in your mouth.


Introducing… New London’s Shard!

One of our latest additions, as it is to real life London, The Shard. Sits just past Tower Bridge in New London, home to the A1 New London Mall, the entrance to the Doctor Who Exhibition, a New London Conference room, a fantastic cannon/parachute drop point on the roof, and the New London Exhibition – all linked by lift (or if you have a T60, NLExhib, A1NLMall and ShardRoof will get you around).

The New London Exhibition opened today, a continuity based history of New London with images from all sorts of people from owners, to staff, to visitors! Really worth a look to roll on down memory lane!