Monthly Archives: March 2012

New London at Second Life Fishiversary 2012!

New London has been taking part in the Second Life Fishiversary 2012. Under the New London sim name, TARDIS, we can be found at the following location:

The fishing platform was created by New London’s 7Seas Manager, Geoffrey Xenobuilder as a lovely subtle blend of colour and form with a slightly mystic edge to it and as seen above, a slight hint of Doctor Who in the form of lantern police boxes!

Below the platform there is a hazy mist and door links for travel around the Fishiversary.

Fishing in Second Life is very popular. The 7Seas brand is especially prolific and we have our own 7Seas fishing events on Sundays hosted by Geoffrey. Pop down Sunday around 7pmBST (around 11amSLT) to join in the fun – In the meantime, do pop down to the Fishiversary – it’s well worth a wander!


221b Baker Street: The home of Sherlock!

221b Baker Street, New London Village is a celebration of Sherlock Holmes. Three Victorian floors filled with props, information, Sherlock Holmes gestures and a couple of hidden “easter eggs” celebrating the long legacy of the iconic fictional detective!