(New) London City Hall opens with a musical bang!

New London opened its latest building today – another London homage, this time to the London City Hall building – an unusual construction to say the least that sits on the edge of the river Thames at the very heart of London! In New London it is parked not too far away from the river, next to Portcullis House! The building was constructed by Kat Kassner with textures by Laredo Lowtide.

For New London the building isn’t bureaucratic, its disco, erm, cratic! This is our latest club, a more smooth and up-class spot to the more grungy haunt across the river at the Travellers Rest pub!

For this night, DJ Kat opened with a theme of Best in British – a prize amounted to staggering 4000L thanks to donations from staff. A great opening as the sim closes the Maldovarium as its Saturday venue! No fears, the space bar Maldovarium will stay… but it will have a new purpose! Stay tuned and enjoy the pictures!

With the Millennium Wheel have made Editors Pick last week and with the opening of this amazing new nightclub, we hope the ever evolving New London will continue to be enjoyed by patrons throughout 2012!

And then to top it – into the SL Grid Top 40 at number 6 with….

… the English National Anthem! Go New London!


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