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New Years Eve Party in New London!

New Years Eve in New London began at 1pmSLT (well a little earlier, with Kat setting up some music in the late afternoon), with Holocluck Henly. A vague theme of New Years 1889 was set up, but it was really more about social gathering and enjoying the final day of the year!You can pop down by clicking here!

DJ Sinji Itokawa’s the DJ to bring us into the new year – as he’s done many times before! Come down and enjoy the fun!

The New Year came! Thanks to Kat for the fireworks and Sinji for taking us through with his usual quirky comments and fabby tunes! And for all who came!

Enjoy 2012!


XMas Mega Party in New London!

23rd was the annual Xmas Mega Party advent! Starting off with live music from Eddie Santillo, which is always a treat (expect him back in January)

Followed by DJ Garf Serpente who rocked and chatted his way through 2 hours – giving away a T50 console to Paige Snowpaw, winner of Best in Sexy Christmas! We had the SLCS cheerleaders to support as well! Ain’t Garf a lucky man!

Finally, the tiniest DJ eva, Nonamei Scribe lead us into the next day with a fun crazy set that finished off the night with a 500L prize for Best in Wacky Holidays! Thanks to all the DJs, musicians, cheerleaders and staff who were involved! We’ll see you next year!

Burning Bush heat up the ice!

Burning Bush have again popped back to New London for a festive madcap show that has given this pre-Xmas weekend a big bang finale! Thanks to the band and all those who came to enjoy their rock show!

Dickens Night in New London!

Saturday was Dickens Night in New London. The majority who came to take part dressed up in Victorian or Dickensian gear (see below) to listen to a 2 hour audio adaption of “A Christmas Carol” in the New London Dickens Christmas Carol Experience – our Dickens world inside our very own New London Tower of London.

Afterwards it was a Dickens party – the theme of Best in Dickens was key and DJ Kat provided music and entertainment. This was set outside the Tower of London. And the winner of the Best in Dickens fancy dress competition was Gristle McNerd for his “Marley face in a Door”! here he stands next to the prize, a T50 Scrooge Box (plus 1000L in his pocket!).

Thank you to all who took part! It was a spellbinding evening!

What the Dickens?

A post some might call indulgence, I like to think of it as simply enjoying the pleasure in seeing a creative work enjoyed. The Dickens Christmas Carol Experience has been highlighted on the SL Destination Guide, making New London’s third appearance on the guide.

We’ll keep updating the area when we can – We’ve added a little easel with painting features (see below) which make for an awesome little snap!

Thanks to those who have provided positive feedback – there are thousands of amazing and innovative places in SL, if people consider us among those thousands, well, you’ve made our Christmas!

Winterfest 2011!

Today New London celebrated its annual Winterfest event, with three DJ acts (plus a healthy contingent from the Second Life Cheerleader Squad) on the frozen Thames of New London. Prizes were won (consoles and festive Daleks!) for a selection of competitions from Best in Red to Best in Four Seasons! A big thank you to our DJs, Wellzy Horngold, Kat Kassner and Holocluck Henly, to the staff and all who took part. Been a great day!


Come to New London’s Santa’s Grotto!

Santa’s Grotto has come to New London. In keeping with our festive theme (see our New London Dicken’s Experience inside our Tower of London), this is a world within a world. You’ll find the frosty Santa’s Grotto inside our New Albert Hall. IM Santa and he’ll reply to your requests!

You can get to Santa’s Grotto via our “Albert Hall” rezzer for NLS/Bad Wolf and HoO time vehicles, “SantaGrotto” on the TP grid, or simply follow this URL:

(note Father Christmas is a registered bot, I hope that doesn’t ruin the fun!)

Enter the New London Dickens Christmas Carol Experience!

2011: Dec 1st – the start of our New London Dickens Christmas Carol Experience! Freebies inside and a faithful homage to Charles Dicken’s Christmas legacy.. all located inside New London’s Tower of London!

There are four ghosts to find, a few freebies to catch, some information about the world of A Christmas Carol and a spectacle to immerse in – all from within the confines of New London’s Tower of London!

If you check the picture below you can see the world just inside the Tower of London door! A London inside the Tower of London insider New London! – or land on the NLS/Bad Wolf rezzer “Dickens” or “NL Christmas Carol” on HoO rezzer. To use the novatech teleport, look for “Dickens”.