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The Dickens Christmas Carol Experience opens 1st December!

Coming in December – The Dickens Christmas Carol Experience will open in New London – a homage to the beloved tale by Charles Dickens featuring the ill-tempered Scrooge and the ghosts of past, present and future.

The exhibition will be a world inside the New London’s Tower of London. Watch out for this special seasonal exhibition, starting Thursday!


Snow Mobiles in New London!

FREE to ride (they vanish when you get off! Race around the icey thames! Can take two people! Give em a go!

Though in Kat’s case, we didn’t just hit the ice, but the water, bricks, trees, grass, people…

Snow hits New London!

See for yourself! Expect Christmas to follow next month! Then we get really seasonal!

Then and Now – New London: Beginning of 2010 – End of 2011

Found this shot on the net, thought we’d do a comparison! The first shot was taken Jan 2010, the second Nov 2011. See the changes! Most notable is parcel size – the pyramids, green to the far south and snow dome and house on the far, far right were all rental parcels. While all you can see in the new picture is public land. That’s been thanks to our in sim company New London Systems – whose profit just goes back into New London to expand the community areas. So the people to truly thank for the evolution are the people who gracious donate money or buy products from New London Systems!

More evolution to come in 2012!


Also worth noting that 95% of New London is built by Kat or Laredo, or other in sim builders (Radio Theatre was created by Hoipoloi Gurbux for example). Which is a BIG difference to back in 2010. All the landmarks now are home built, most textures too. Very little purchased or found outside New London!

New London and the Fishiversary!

New London is representing currently at the Fishiversary and the Fall Fishing Festival!

Our humble fishing platform – built by Geoffrey Xenobuilder. Beneath the wooden deck lies something a little less quaint.

Our old K-9 Mk1 – from days gone by has been brought out of retirement to guard the platform with a dutiful Liberator orbiting from behind.

There is a bar below, with images and information about New London – and a few about Doctor Who. Get the HAbot at the bar to take your order! He’ll be more than willing to provide you with a dance if you touch his head!

Travel deep enough into the bowels of the booth and you’ll find a more recent Doctor Who villain lurking! If you don’t watch your feet…

A trip to the top is your exit to New London! Click the inside of the police box back to travel to the New London 7Seas dock! Go check it out and enjoy a good fish! Lots of stuff to be found!



Dino at New London Systems

We had Kong invade London this year, now we have one of Mudd’s Dinosaurs! An unusual if vaguely amusing sight to behold.

Even Dinos like to browse.

Don’t mess with Dinos…


And don’t mess in Dino mess.

New London backdrop including the latest addition – the Skylon!

Remembrance Day

Today is 11-11-11 – Remembrance Day. A day in Commonwealth countries to remember the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty.

We have a Cenotaph in Adipose Square built by SarahKB7 and will have it here for the weekend through till the end of Remembrance Sunday if you wish to pay your respects.

There is a free poppy and wreath giver provided by Calisto Llewellyn available at the base too. TARDIS/219/179/24/

Later we’ll have a Remembrance day event – with DJ Wellzy Horngold playing to a theme of “The Unknown Solider” – hopefully we’ll see some dress uniforms. We’re not interested in people waving silly guns around. We can celebrate freedom bestowed by those who passed without any disrespectful silliness! All welcome – Travellers Rest pub on the New London Thames at 1pmSLT.






Thank you Guy!

A quick thank you to Guy for being burned, a thank you to the staff who helped out with the exhibition, and a thank you to the vistiors who made the Guy Fawkes event, that ran through the bank end of October and to Guy Fawkes night on the 5th of November, a success. We had the popular exhibition (above) which was put together by Kat and starred a host of New London regulars, a Guy Fawkes quiz night and a big bang part to end.

See you next year – Guy will be back!


Guy Fawkes Bonfire Event!

A great night on the edge of the Thames as we celebrate Guy Fawkes night and the end of the New London Guy Fawkes exhibition. Thanks to all who attended. Theme for the night was Best in Historical Villain – winner got two nls T50 consoles. Fireworks, music, DJ Kat, dancing – a fight against the lag that was hitting all main channel sims (honestly SL, when is this going to stop?) and a burning guy called Guy – what more could you want!

And as Lowtide discovered, you don’t make jokes about Mrs Christmas being Santa’s other beard..