New London: October!

We have a busy month in New London as the Winter season arrives!

  1. First off, we’ve had some changes to the sim, just minor ones, but if you look around you’ll find minor alterations – one big alteration however is Tower Bridge that has been expanded and lit to mimic the real one more closely!
  2. Second, we have TARDIS Expo the weekend of 15th and 16th – we will have TARDIS exteriors from a range of Second Life creators on display with a backdrop of DJs, live music and DJing! Expect DJ Garf on Saturday night with live music from Eddie Santillo on the Sunday!
  3. Halloween approaches – look out for seasonal gore and horror throughout the sim – a few Halloween based time ships too. Some free Halloween gestures are available just outside the Tower of London! We will have a Halloween event closer the date!
  4. Guy Fawkes! He’s already lurking around the sim with plots – look out for him and our Bonfire event that will remember, remember the 5th of November on, well, the 5th of November – so remember remember!
  5. Finally, some upgrades to New London’s T50 system – look out for some rezzer upgrades to improve your landings in New London!


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  1. The Bridge looks fantastic look forward to New London’s October

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