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Halloween in New London!

Three DJs, all playing very different sets to amuse on this ghoulish weekend – accompanied by the wonderful Second Life Cheerleading Squad! A New London Systems/Bad Wolf K-9 was one of the prizes, as was am nls T50 console!

DJ Hoi was a late replacement who delivered a spectacular stage piece! Pictured with the pumpkin coloured SLCS above!

DJ Holocluck (center) gave us his ecclectic blend of music and open entertainment!

DJ Saxondale was.. well, DJ Saxondale. ūüôā


Guy Fawkes comes to New London!

New London’s Guy Fawkes exhibition opened this past Saturday, as advertised on Second Life’s Showcase¬†Locations. This has been a successful event that will continue to run till November 5th, Bonfire Night itself.

There are Guy Fawkes Freebies at the Tower of London plus an exhibition that we hope is education as it is fun, with a few relevant ghoulish props and a SL inacted gallery of the gruesome history of Guy Fawkes and the London Gun Power plot.

And to finish Saturday we had DJ Holocluck in our newly opened Travellers Rest nightclub! A fun night of eclectic music!  Thanks to all who came!

Kat’s Back – and so is the Travellers Rest!

The Travellers Rest pub in New London opened tonight with a DJ Kat at the helm! Kat did a big upgrade to the pub at the beginning of the month giving it a brand new floor for musical events – a real garage vibe in there. Here are some pics of the night – theme was history vs future.¬† Upstairs is the club area! You’ll find all sorts of oddities here!
Below is the relaxing lounge and bar. Empty right now – they’re all upstairs!

The Guy Fawkes Exhibition photoshoot

Seasonal excitement grew yesterday, as a photo shoot was held  for the Guy Fawkes Exhibition that opens at the Tower of London in New London Village on Saturday 22nd.

Guy and co-conspirators ahead of the Guy Fawkes Exhibition photo shoot.

Guy Fawkes was joined by Static Frenzy, Wellzy Horngold, Garf Serpente, TheDoctor Mayo, Holocluck Henly and master photographer Laredo Lowtide for the shoot, which took about an hour to complete.

You will be able to see the results of their endeavours for yourself, when The Guy Fawkes Exhibition swings open its doors!

Halloween comes to New London Village

It’s that time again, Halloween decorating in New London Village! For me there is only one place to go to stock up on goodies for the sim… the Cork region and A Touch of Ireland, one of my favourite places on the grid, especially at this time of year! I’ve always loved their Halloween wares, and now with my new graphics I can see them all the better!

The prices are nice too, and although the majority (if not all) the items are no copy, at L$45 for some quality decorations you’re not going to mind too much.

A Touch of Ireland

Close to the arrival area Jack Skellington and Casper the friendly ghost are waiting to great visitors to the village!

The spooky green pumpkin lights up the Lions in Adipose Square!

A shredded ghost comes at me from the Kasterborous Centre!

Look out for more Halloween fun coming soon to New London Village… and check out A Touch of Ireland in Cork!

– Kat Kassner

Shady characters walk New London’s streets at night!

Reporter Hugh Jass managed to take this snap of the shady characters.

Local residents have reported seeing men dressed in black acting suspiciously on the streets of New London Village at night. Our reporter Hugh Jass spent several nights sleeping rough in order to try and find out who the shady characters are. Last night, he struck gold, capturing this photograph of 2 very dodgy looking chaps in Baker Street. Who are they? What are they doing? We want to know. Call the New London Times if you have any info on these men!

Eddie returns to New London!

Sim was packed for Eddie’s return tonight! Lag increased, live music hummed, cheerleaders cheered and people danced! A big Bad Wolf prize – The Bad Wolf Megapack – of the companies entire catalogue was won!

Here’s some pictures of the event! Thank you all for coming! Thanks particularly to Eddie Santillo and the Second Life Cheerleading Squad!

Here’s some pictures of the event! Thank you all for coming! Thanks particularly to Eddie Santillo and the Second Life Cheerleading Squad!

Garf and the Second Life Cheerleading Squad!

Saturday night brought a change in plans – with cheerleaders in Adipose Square followed by DJ Garf in New London Village Park and then as the night progressed, the two combined! Music and dancing – it was a great spectacle! Enjoy the pictures!

If you wish to book the Second Life Cheerleading Squad – SLCS – contact Joellen Hawker in-world. If you want to book DJ Garf Serpente, you’ll find him drunk under a bench around about now – or berating me for making such an outrageous statement. Take your pick – he’ll be picking lager.

Coming to New London this weekend: TARDIS Expo!





TARDIS EXPO is upon us once more – more creativity, fun and music than you can shake a rotor at! A new event ground, new exteriors and creators to meet – plus an assortment of music, prizes, cheerleading and live events to make this a memorable October weekend! Sketch it in your diary!





New London: October!

We have a busy month in New London as the Winter season arrives!

  1. First off, we’ve had some changes to the sim, just minor ones, but if you look around you’ll find minor alterations – one big alteration however is Tower Bridge that has been expanded and lit to mimic the real one more closely!
  2. Second, we have TARDIS Expo the weekend of 15th and 16th – we will have TARDIS exteriors from a range of Second Life creators on display with a backdrop of DJs, live music and DJing! Expect DJ Garf on Saturday night with live music from Eddie Santillo on the Sunday!
  3. Halloween approaches – look out for seasonal gore and horror throughout the sim – a few Halloween based time ships too. Some free Halloween gestures are available just outside the Tower of London! We will have a Halloween event closer the date!
  4. Guy Fawkes! He’s already lurking around the sim with plots – look out for him and our Bonfire event that will remember, remember the 5th of November on, well, the 5th of November – so remember remember!
  5. Finally, some upgrades to New London’s T50 system – look out for some rezzer upgrades to improve your landings in New London!