The end.. of the Festival! LaLuna and Bowie!

The end is nigh! We’ve had a great weekend – and to end the night we had Bowie floating high in space in his tin can… then we ended with live singing from British singer LaLuna!

Finally, a thank you to all who were involved! Myself and Kat would like to thank all the acts and events involved. LaLuna, Eddie Santillo, Echelon Sands, Archangel Mortenwold, Nonamei Scribe, Garf Serpente and Wellzy Horngold. Thanks to Joellen Hawker and the SLCS Cheerleading Squad, to Geoffrey Xenobuilder for his amazing fishing spectacle, to Hoipoloi Gurbux and Ebak Naglo for Radio Theatre, theDoctor Mayo for his work on the dodgem games and of course, to the staff who have watched the events solidly and supported with lighting, equipment, security and visitor support, shout outs go to – but not exclusively – to Jayne Gudkov, John Silverweb, Calisto Llewellyn, Babob Riler, Static Frenzy, Roxxxy Foxdale and Teddy Darbyshire! And of course, to ALL the people who supported this event – you know who you are – especially those who have been here for nearly every event – and yes, there are some mad people out there who have done just that! If it wasn’t for your enthusiasm and support, this weekend would have been quite simply, nothing. Thank you so much for your support!


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