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Adipose Square gets a New London facelift!

Adipose Square has undergone a regeneration of its own! Today the center square collapsed under the might of its owner, Kat Kassner, and in turn was rebuilt to more epic proportions!


Prior to the rebuild Adipose Square was a vague homage to Trafalgar Square, with Adipose from the Doctor Who episode “Partners In Crime” replacing the London stone lions and the Master, Harold Saxon, perched on the column’s top.

While this is still a homage rather than a replica of Trafalgar, there is far more aspects that are in-keeping with the real-life counterpart. The column is now a closer shape, lions adorn the bottom, the square has been increased in size and we have some water features. Plus Harold has been usurped by a gigantic Adipose!

If you want to see the new square, feel free to click this Second Life link to have your avatar sent straight there. Alternatively, find New London on search, or locate us on any of the Doctor Who SL TARDIS public databases!

We hope this change to New London Village’s focus point will make for a better London vibe!





Best in Glam, Ma’am!

Saturday night! After DJ Garfuncle entertaining up in the Doctor Who area of the sim, the Maldovarium, it was Glam night at the Travellers Rest pub deep in the heart of  New London Village. DJ Wellzy Horngold put on a big afro and pumped out some music. There was a prize for the night – Best in Glam, unsurprisingly. The winner got an NLS console and a cash prize. The prize announcement was delayed but the eventual announced winner was 111mlw111! Congratulations!

New London Villages does events every weekend – should be another fun night tomorrow before Radio Theatre kicks off on Monday! Hope to see you there!

Welcome to New London!

Welcome to New London Village’s new site!

For information on New London Village, please click the “What Is New London Village” tab above.

We’ll be offering information about the Second Life sim, updates on events and, well whatever feels suitable for this blog.

The twitter accounts on either side of this blog are regularly updated and a good way of keeping up with what’s going on in New London, be it live singing, club events, special events, perhaps even some fishing!

Come by Second Life – we’re in TARDIS sim, and come see us. Click this link!